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17 Nov
Internationale Zuständigkeit für Individualarbeitsverträge – Flugpersonal. Article in English & German by Sarah Abel of Zumtobel Kronberger RAe (WLN member firm in Salzburg, Austria) giving further analysis on a recent CJEU …
14 Nov
This year’s autumn conference saw us return to the beautiful, historic city of Kraków, Poland. Our hosts were the fantastic team at Gorazda, Świstuń, Wątroba i Partnerzy.....

06 Nov
Fewer deals, more spending says Andres Willa, the Senior Partner of  of Estudio Willa, Buenos Aires in this guest article.....
02 Nov
NL article on evidence by Frank Linders of Falcq Advocaten, Eindhoven (WLN members): 'Wie stelt bewijst. Dit is een bekend uitgangspunt in het burgerlijk procesrecht. ....'

01 Nov
EU & Swedish law article by Anna Beck-Friis Arp, Advokat of Flood Herslow Holme Advokatbyrå (WLN member firm in Stockholm & Malmö)
27 Oct
Article by Emmanuelle Ries, Managing Partner of ebl miller rosenfalck (WLN member, London)